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No trade menu in the game?


Did you like the new trade system?  

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why there is no trade menu in the game? buying things randomly from market is so ridiculous. it says modified mp5. but doesnt say what modification it has. i really can not understand the devs. how can you remove trade menu from the game? this was one of the best things in 24 yo original ja2. tony was everyone's favorite.

"the selection this time of year is excellent"...

first, iventory menu on tactical screen is removed from the game and game force you to check your gear by opening full screen inventory screen then opening modification menu during the midfight! -it is also ridiculous that you can not see your attachments' effect in inventory without opening extra modification menu-.

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  • shadoww changed the title to No trade menu in the game?
4 minutes ago, sandman25dcsss said:

I have yet to see a player who is happy with current trade system, I hope devs have plans to change it.

i hate anarco-capitalist interactions in my games, devs are just showing right way to the people how it should be. For Chemuranga!

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