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Found a .50cal in the game?


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Just now, Dirk_BVB09 said:

I made it through the game, found a lot of 50.cal ammo, but no 50.cal weapon to use it.

I thought there should be 2 o3 50.cal rifles in the game?!

Did not find any of them... did you?

Interesting point. Same here. All cal. 50 you you see can mount and have unlimited ammo with but I gun I do not see either  you can carry around. Well, I found nice mini-gun in the swamp fort where you meet Elliot. But is not for cl. 50 but 5,56 ...

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Mmmmhhh interesting... so it's random?

Desert Eagles I found several, but from the middle of the game I scrapped ALL handguns.

Made silent shots to kill enemies and tried NOT to get in CQC battles... see no sense when having a mixture of M14/PSG1.

And converting handguns in "valuable" scrap for modding the long range weapons makes more sense to me.

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I found more M82 than Desert Eagles tbh.

At least ammo isn't such a problem here, because there's a trader around the Pentagruel mine, who sells .50 cal ammo.

I really hope they bring Bobby Ray's back at some point.

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