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  1. I have to admit that I did not go for any of the side missions. The few I did were "accidently"?! But the final mission for me was to go for the fort with the Colonel. 29 enemies there, I killed 28 of them. After I killed#29 the game ended. So how can I face the Colonel? Kill 28 and search for him...?
  2. Some good points, I like the "transfer" of sector inventory for some $ most, good point! The very few speaking comments of the MERCs could be more, bit boring after some time. On the other hand when clicking/picking one the "always the same" answer by them is helpful. 😉 What could be improved is the "range" of things you can click on. If you want to "hack" a mobile... you need to zoom in much to grab it. Grabbing range should be increased to more easily pick/touch looting when not zommed in.
  3. Mmmmhhh interesting... so it's random? Desert Eagles I found several, but from the middle of the game I scrapped ALL handguns. Made silent shots to kill enemies and tried NOT to get in CQC battles... see no sense when having a mixture of M14/PSG1. And converting handguns in "valuable" scrap for modding the long range weapons makes more sense to me.
  4. I made it through the game, found a lot of 50.cal ammo, but no 50.cal weapon to use it. I thought there should be 2 o3 50.cal rifles in the game?! Did not find any of them... did you?
  5. I will try that... but some "synchronized move" button/function would be nice. But maybe the programmers did it by intention. A well equipped 6 MERC team can beat every bunch, but sometimes it was really hard, and 2nd squad would have been less painful.
  6. Finally, after 2 weeks of playing in extended nights I made it through...! Yeah! Some thoughts: The maps are nice, muich fun to play... Inventory system may be better, but was okay for me. I dropped a machete somewhere because I needed space... but later I needed it. So stay with the machete 😉 It would be nice to have an indicator showing the remaing enemies in the tactical view. If fighting versus bigger crowds you may miss how many enemies are left. One can switch bach to Satellite view to get the enemies number... but in tactical a simple number would be nice. What to say on the costly Elite+ MERCS...?! I stuck with the initial team, due to fighting and training I brought all of them in the 90's regarding accuracy and movement. Even MD was over 90, because he learns very quick! Make use of the ALT button, not to miss any looting stuff!!! At the beginning, when needed most I forgot abot ALT and missed some stuff. Later on, when using ALT I had TOO MUCH stuff and had space problems... eeekk! Another thing... one can host 16 MERCS only... WHY? Why that number? If being able to fill 3 squads with 6 MERCS each... 18 max. would be suitable. By the way... is it possible to enter an area with 2 squads at the same time to have 2x6 fighting instead of only 1x6? Defending with several squads is possible, but attacking??? My preferred weapon combo at the end was the M-14 plus M24, good mixture for sniping and spreading bullets. Use the gas grenades against bigger enemy numbers, they will run through gas and die on the way to you. GREAT FUN!!! Let's see when I will start an new game...
  7. Correct, bit overprized for her abilities. Additionally, she is asking to increase her loan very often, like Blood is doing it the same way.
  8. Lol, no, I made the mistake when creating my list... I named it Egytian, but it was Iraqi. Somewhere in the forum I found a discussion of how the Iraqi flag devoloped in the history. That discussion was bound to Fauda, so I should have remembered that, then I would not have done the mistake of assigning Fauda to Egypt... all fine... Fauda = Iraqi, not Egypt, like I mentioned.
  9. Ah yes, the discussion about the history of the Iraqi flag... TY
  10. Merc Prename Name R Rank Function Sex Nation Loan $ Steroid Bobby Gontarski 1 Recruit Mechanic m Poland 5.100 Fox Cynthia Guzzman 1 Recruit Medic f USA 5.040 Mouse Anita Backman 1 Recruit All-Rounder f USA 5.010 Livewire Leili Idrisi 1 Recruit Mechanic f Pakistan 4.600 Omryn Yuri Omryn 1 Recruit Sniper m Russia 4.790 Igor Igor Dolvich 1 Recruit All-Rounder m Russia 3.770 Kalyna Kalyna Sokolova 1 Recruit Mechanic f Ukraine 4.200 MD Michael Dawson 1 Recruit Medic m Canada 3.770 Grizzly Steve Bornell 1 Recruit All-Rounder m USA 3.060 Barry Barry Unger 1 Recruit Explosives m Hungary 2.990 Fidel Fidel Dahan 2 Veteran Explosives m Cuba 12.740 Raven Charlene Higgens 2 Veteran Sniper f USA 12.160 Thor Thor Kaufmann 2 Veteran Medic m Germany 11.200 Wolf Peter Sanderson 2 Veteran All-Rounder m USA 10.350 Ice Ice Williams 2 Veteran Sniper m USA 7.200 Blood Keith Hanson 2 Veteran Sniper m South Afr. 6.440 Buns Monica Sondergaard 2 Veteran Sniper f Denmark 5.480 Grunty Helmut Grunther 2 Veteran All-Rounder m Germany 4.690 Meltdown Norma Jessop 2 Veteran All-Rounder f USA 6.030 Ivan Ivan Dolvich 3 Elite Sniper m Russia 19.530 Vicki Victoria Waters 3 Elite Mechanic f Jamaika 16.740 Raider Ron Higgens 3 Elite Leader m USA 13.270 Tex Tex R. Colburn 3 Elite Sniper m Japan 13.270 Nails 3 Elite 10.190 Dr. Q Dr. Q. Huaong 3 Elite Medic m China 8.600 Red Ernie Spragg 3 Elite Explosives m Scotland 7.500 Hitman Frank Hennessy 3 Elite Sniper m USA 6.630 Gus Gus Tarballs 4 Legendary Leader m USA 36.800 Magic Earl Walker 4 Legendary Mechanic m USA 36.110 Scully Robert James Sullivan 4 Legendary Leader m GB 31.690 Reaper Carl Sheppards 4 Legendary Sniper m USA 26.530 Sidney Sidney Nettleson 4 Legendary Sniper m GB 26.530 Shadow Kyle Simmons 4 Legendary Sniper m USA 22.400 Scope Sheila Sterling 4 Legendary Sniper m GB 20.800 Fauda Kevi Agi 4 Legendary Explosives f Egypt 17.320 Len Len Anderson 4 Legendary Leader m USA 15.850
  11. Nice idea... works like an introduction to the others in some funny way... 😄 @Hank: I took your introduction as a guideline... hope that is okay for you?! Name or nickname: Sheba Age: 52 Height: 180 cm Weight: 92 kg Nationality: German Health - 55. All fine exept the extra kilos added when becoming a father and a wife cooking nice stuff... Agility - 60. Played a lot of ball games in my life, run through every bush Dexterity - 70. Table tennis, handball, ice hockey... can catch up with young folks in shooter games. Was worldwide #10 in Red Baron 2. In an ArmA3 clan I was the clan drill sergeant Strength - 45. I am not strong Leadership - 75. Was leading wings in Red Baron, did the strategic for clan plays. Made it to Colonel in an ArmA2/3 clan Wisdom - 80. Experience by age, reading a lot books, knowing maps well... Marksmanship - 0/60. 0 in real life, you know, in Germany we have very strict weapon laws, no one will get weapons without a specific reason. 60 in computer games, liked sniping in shooters. Mechanical - 75. I am a mechanical and electrical engineer, studied AAT (aeronautical and astronautical technology), I can fix things on my own, garage is full of tools. Explosives - 5. Modifying some New Years rockets and detonators, that's all. Medical - 30. Was regularly trained in first aid at the companies I worked for... Experience level - 1-2. Maybe ?? Daily/Weekly/2 week salary $950/5800/11000 Skill 1 - Mechanic/handy man. Is that a skil??? I remember JA1&2, but forgot a lot of details... Skill 2 - Sniping. But was good at close quarter combat online as well (typical deatzh match player) Disability - Heat intolerance. Like someone posted here (Hank I guess) as well...more than 30 degrees Celsius makes me immobile, if moisture is high... even more deadly for. But can stand cold temperatures, being a skiing guy for 48 years. Bio: With Sheba you will earn a nice mechanic for the supporting role. But don't underestimate him in combat. Lot of experience from fights all over the world with guns, planes and tanks makes him a versatile add-on. His marksman days may be over, but he will never reject a close quarter combat. His physics are a bit rusty and need to be shaped, but... don't keep it too fast for him. You can relay on him and his wisdom and diplomatic skills, as well some kind of leadership, makes him the "diplomatic" guy to cool down the team if tensions rise... Equipment Clothes - Light camouflage clothes (heat...) and a repair holster?! LBE - Utility belt. Non obstructive vest or rig for some basic gear and magazines (like Hank) Weapons, let's grab my old Excel sheet for JA2... 1. Pistol = 45 Colt 2. Rifle/submachine gun = H&K MP53, with a heavy repair kit I cannot bear a "heavy" one Other gear: Knife, tool box/bag and a first aid kit, smoke grenade, hand grenade I hope my English was good enough to introduce myself "A.I.M."-like 😉
  12. So, here some more stuff: Age of Empires, Civilization, Anno..., Settlers Call of Duty Commandos X-Wing, Tie Fighter... B-Wing, Wing Commander Red Baron 1&2 Duke Nukem M.A.X. Pirates 688 Sub, Falcon 4.0, F-19 Stealth Fighter Armored Fist, Panzer General Battle Zone, Dark Reign Shadow Warrior Timeshock Elite XCOM ... to be continued
  13. Hello chaps, my first posting here... greetings from Germany! I remember a lot old games, even have some old PC game lists.... you know us Germans, eh?! But one game that wasn't that much known in Germany, but one of my fovourite ones, was "Mission Critical". Nice atmoshere, and even a nice message at the end... And for sure this round based thing like Battle Isle... Made in Germany
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