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no dedicated medic at the start viable?


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Any reason to take medic early on? Always feel a bit scammed with that recruitment.

Beyond obvious healing speed which can be cover later by B team or Larry which can be grab very early?

Any important story point early on that require high med skill? I'm aware of Granny needing it and there are some mid game story points but is there anything early that I would be missing out?

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Thanks @Melliores.

@sandman25dcsss Livewire is OP but I'm just so much over her after one playthrough, looking for alternatives. She get quite annoying after couple hours with her (would wish to have mute button like in multiplayer games just for her 😄 ) .

I'm looking to building team around Raven and these two do not mash well ..

Blood is killing machine and have reasonable med skills, I think that will be my pick.

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