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DevDiary 11 - Guns Guns Guns

THQN Roger

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16 hours ago, Wigen said:

Arsenal Trailer


Look, they got nice ragdoll effects and stuff! No more identical death animations from early vids.

And I spied some nice ballistic goodies, like pre- and post-target environment destruction.

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I like the new Trailer, looking very good. Well done death animations and looks fun to play 👍

I am relieved for the new been-hit movements!
Appreciation to your work, devs!
And weapon tec rooms is looking cool & seems enjoyable.

But again, weapon-stats..
FaMas - 24 rng
M14 - 24 rng (DMG 21)
M249 - 30 rng
PSG1 - 36 rng (DMG 36)
M82 - 40 rng
Come on.. 🤦🏼‍♂️😅
For me, seems like somebody with no clue at all of real wpnstats invented these ingamestats by just rolling dices. Cause they really make no sense at all, even for in-game-reality..
Btw..f.E. JA3 enemy soldier: "Yesterday i got hit in my head by a 7.62. But it was only a scratch while it was shot by an G3. Luckywise not an MSG90, otherwise i would be dead"..😅
Other example: "Put a longer barrel on my Minimi 5.56. Now it shoots as precise and far like your PSG 7.62." 😂
I hope this will be modable, very fast!

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Those weapon stats are what I refer to as 'arbitrary game balance' rather than realistic game balance. You will give a weapon some random stats just to differentiate it from another possible similar weapon. And yet, there will be no rhyme or reason for it.

I am not expecting super realistic stats because that is hard to emulate. What I want is a more logical approach, as in what makes more of a realistic sense. If a gun has a longer barrel, it is heavier and less manoeuvrable (meaning a higher action point cost to aim and fire the first shot) but it also has a longer range, better accuracy, more damage per shot due to increased velocity.

A heavier gun will recoil less but again will be slower to point and aim with.

Then, you have all the different calibres to work out but in terms of numbers and translating it into what a game allows, it isn't that hard.

It is things like that that ensure handguns, SMGs and carbines are better weapons in CQB environments, as opposed to longer, heavier and/or more powerful weapons that excel at longer ranges.

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