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  1. I am not quite sure why, and I didnt even take him often, but I also kinda have a weak spot for Needle. Would be great to have him back.
  2. Personally I miss Jagged Alliance 1 characters the most. And I think Jimmy would be a perfect fit for a Jagged Alliance DLC. Why? Obviously and as this thread shows the famous Duo Lynx and Buzz need to get back in the game. Jimmy always hated Lynx and would be a great complementation. Jimmy also has relations to existing mercs. He was a friend of Magic. In addition, it would be great to have another cheap mechanic in the game, and Jimmy would be the perfect fit as well. If I had to limit myself to JA2 mercs, I would pick the Razor and Haywire Duo.
  3. They mentioned in one of the previous streams that basically the whole team is still together and working on JA content. In the last stream they also mentioned that they received the "Go" from THQ to go full out on post release support. So unless the sales are terrible I would expect more content in one form or the other (sounded like DLCs are likely).
  4. I really hope that bobby ray will either be configurable at the start of the game or be very conservative in what its offering. In JA2 Bobby Ray mostly served as "ermergency vendor", where you could buy outdated weapons way behind your progress, first aid kits, kits for your mechanics and bipods and similar. Maybe some ammo here and there. My feeling is that people kinda expect that they can just buy everything there. It will be a tough call to walk the line in this case. Satisfy some player while also not breaking the balance even more. The issue here is that any issues with Money will further bleed into other sections of the game via bobby ray. Assuming you have a big offer, you could just buy whatever weapon and ammo which is currently the best. Like buying a dragunov for everyone shortly after leaving earie. The cool thing especially in JA1 was that you had to work with what you have, especially in terms of ammo. In JA3 thats partially still the case. Meaning you will still use worse weapons because you still got tons of ammo for them. Bobby Ray could turn this into "just use the best". This could further jeapardize any weapon progression. In addition the current prices (as well as quest rewards) are currently way off. Like you can get a rifle for 2500$ or so. These prices can potentially mean that in the future you will no longer repair your weapons and instead just scrap them and buy new ones, because its not worth the time to repair them. Same for crafting ammo (which I am already not doing). If you can just buy them, there is even less reason to craft them. So while I am looking forward to 1.2 and 1.4 I am very sceptical about the Bobby Ray implementation.
  5. I actually started out with no mechanic. You really don't need one at the start. There are maybe 2-3 negligible options you miss on earnie and you can't mod, which is not necessarily that bad. As long as you don't mod weapons you also don't "invest" into them. That actually means that you don't need to repair them either. Whenever one weapon goes down in durability, I just replace it by a new one. The special ones I want to keep I just dump into a sector stach to be repaired later. So you can just hire a mechanic later on. Should be totally fine. I actually have livewire train Barry now. Though thats not a super efficient process. Possibly better if you use wolf, but he also only got 65 mechanics. Barry has the advantage of MrFixit though.
  6. To me its exactly the opposite. While I know that Firaxis XCom has been successful and gave the whole turn based "genre" a push (maybe JA3 wouldnt even exist without Firaxis) I found Firaxis XCom as an extremely crippled game, which goes massively against previous gameplay principles. To me JA3 is the much better game, and is also much closer to JA2 than Firaxis XCom is to the original XComs. The proper XCom follow-up was actually Phoenix Point, which was also by the same author. But I still go no idea what this Collectors Edition has to do with it.
  7. Mine is...well..rather boring I guess. Which is why I would not have been sad if there was no IMP (I am too much of a minmaxer). Health: 85 Dexterity: 85 Strength: 85 Wisdom: 85 Marksmanship: 85 Ledership:40 Mechanical: 0 (will likely hire Livewire) Explosives: 0 (Barry at start, and probably till the end, not a Fan of Fidel, I always liked Hurl 😛) Medical: 0 (Plenty of People have decent medical, I got MD but also Fox) Trait: Diplomat Skills: -Night Ops -Grenades (the thing is, that I dont see the added value of having multiple stealth chars. If you make a full stealth team, it makes sense, but otherwise, you will probably only have one stealth char, probably with a special talent. My initial impression was that Grenades are super powerful. The grenade trait makes that even more powerful. And while explsosive skill plays a roll, I never had anything bad happening. If they explode in your face, you dont get damage)
  8. Exactly, thats the scene I had in mind. Thank you 🙂 Wasnt DrProof then for once ^^
  9. Sorry, cant find it. I thought it was DrProof, but I cant find it. 😞
  10. This actually had been shown before. There was a trailer where you could see a building go boom. Also streamers showed how the roof (you could stand on) collapsed. So it seems like pretty much all can be destroyed.
  11. Yeah, I am all for experimental rifles which existed as prototypes, but please no rocketguns! ^^
  12. I am a streamer (well, youtuber) myself and you got to make some calculation yourself. You will not stream games which don't interest your audience (and probably also not those who arent interesting to you) and on the other hand, the Publisher is also not interested in giving smaller streamers access, especially if they dont follow some press standards or even have to sign something (as they were only allowed to play the first 12h). Even as small youtuber I had to pass on games because I knew they would not have gotten interest and not "worth" the time investment in terms of channel growth (for me its not really revenue yet, but for bigger youtubers/streamers it is). In the end, for a youtuber/streamer time is money. So you need a "high level" streamer with a fitting audience and interest to cover this game, where covering this game isn't their "loss". And Jagged being as popular as it is in Germany, its not too surprising that streamers were mostly german, and US coverage was mostly done by media or streamers who were maybe not "first row" (but I saw at least 2 english streamers/yoututbers, maybe not at day 1)
  13. Ah, one other thing which could have been mentioned here is wall/object penetration. It was mentioned in the Gamescrom Stream by Brad, but this would have been the ideal spot to also mention that its still in and how thats going to work. Like you got material strength and penetration stregnth or something like that or just Weapon X goes through everything.
  14. Great developer entry, especially liked the shooting range part. ^^ That Machinegun Clip reminded me how in our general training we tried to make the MG3 shoot single bullets (it doesnt have a mode for that, you have to pull the trigger extremely briefly and gently). I am also a bit sceptical about crafting. I actually liked the ammo shortage and gun management in JA1 and JA2. Where you run out of ammo for one gun and are forced to take the other one. This might just be a no issue in this game. Crafting ammo is also a bit immersion breaking in my opinion. Even more so than the mod crafting. Mod crafting could be interesting, but what was not mentioned here, is whether you can also detach mods (which I guess you can't?) this makes you quite invested into individual guns, and swapping very hard (see previous point about swapping when ammo goes out). That also means that you would need to think twice whether or not you want to "waste" a mod on some starter gun...and that ideally you should already know the weapons to come to make a qualified decision about when to use your upgrades. Like in JA1 where you should ideally only use your steel on M14 and M16. Just that in JA1 all guns were already in the manual. And with JA3 you will probably have no idea. Which wouldnt be a problem if mods were detachable, but if they are not, it would be.
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