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The Rant topic about the good'ol days of gaming.


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@GODSPEEDAgain to stop us from derailing a topic completely I figured we could have a place to complain in peace. 😂

I figured I could start this topic first before writing my "initial" post, since the topic is so vast and for some reason the wife thinks I have more important things to focus on. 🤔

To any and all, feel free to rant away, I'll be sure to "complain" myself in the near future.

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Omg, finally an awesome topic!

You can be certain I will be here often. There is so much crap to say about the way old games were made and the way new games are made; and I realize times change and so must we, but I can't help feel like the gaming industry has REALLY changed, and not for the best.

My first reflection on the topic is about how much the video game industry has become a "business" more than a passion, especially by companies that have become so big that things are out of control.

Look, because this is the JA3 forum, I will start by giving JA3 as an example. The game was announced back in September? Some basic footage and it's been silence since then. They can't release information because information has to be so tightly controlled. It is really the way of big corporations, not a bunch of gaming nerds who want to brag about the game they work on.

And, no, this is NOT a comment on Haemimont Games, I am pretty certain they are anxious to talk to us about their work. But today, companies need so much $$$ to make a game, they can't help but fall in the grasps of mego corporations who view things from the business perspective, how to cut corners, how to hype something, ... in the end, I feel as much time is spent in "Tactical Marketing" as there is on the actual game.

Is there a good side to it? Sure, I'm not stupid, I would prefer a good studio can have good funding, keep it's employees than always live on the edge of poverty because the gaming industry has become cutthroat! I guess I just miss when PUBLISHERS where maybe closer to earth than they are now. It wasn't perfect back then either, many flops and cheap games.. but these big corporations today must also walk a thin line with modern "politics" and media hype and cancel culture ideologies that so much freedom is lost because of restrictions or social drama.

Just take a look at how Battlefield went from a accessible military simulator to complete ignorance of history in Battlefield V & Battlefield 1.

I just really hope JA3 can keep some of that humour and light-hearted comical and stereotypical commentary intact. There was sexism, racism, sexual innuendo (Fox!), stereotypes, comedy and a tongue-in-cheek approach at the lesbian, gay and other communities.. but that tongue-in-cheek approach doesn't make you hate ppl, or cultures, or choices...

...if ANYTHING, Jagged Alliance has showed me that individual cutlures, the way they speak, they stereotypes, are interesting and they make me curious and open-minded.

Man, this rant is already becoming a book. At least I'm not hi-jacking another post! 🤣


In any case, I'm super open-minded to opinions, so anyone with a different opinion, please go ahead, what matters is to stay friendly! We're here because of Jagged Alliance!


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First things first! What I am about to write is my view of the overall state of todays development of games. As whit everything there are ofcourse exceptions and my views are only my views of the matter.

As you wrote @GODSPEED. The industry has change so dramatically since the 90's. What was then considered to be large/professional studio, would hardly today be viewed as a indie studio. How many of these 90's developer's were just a group of friends/acquaintances who got togheter in an apartment and someone had an idea of a game and they just did it because they thought it was cool? 

Today everything is cautiously considered and calculated before any idea even leaves the table and the trend of "AAA" titels to include/appease as many gamers as possible tends to make games stale and whitout character/soul. Hard topics are avoided so that no one will get offended etc. But I find that to be an issiue since games then feels unrealistic because everyone just gets along all the time. Sure sometimes you want that easy kind of outcome for a game and it is hard to say what games should or should not have the player make real hard choices. But I find myself asking: When was the last time I saw a game to really be something new? I have lost count on how many times I have watched gameplay for a new game and after a few minutes considered that: OK this is just a "copy" of that game in a new dress. This does not have to be a bad thing ofcourse and I find it unavoidable since the gaming market/audience is so vastly large today. Example. I guess you saw the gameplay reveal of Starfield? My thoughts were: OK it's Skyrim/Fallout in Space but I never expected anything else either. I'll probably pick it up when every dlc is realeased and there's a 50% discount. Then they say: "We got over a thousand planets." And I get horrible flashbacks from the Mass Effect games where you had to around every planet to find resourses. Fair enough, I might be wrong about this being an issiue in the actual game.

On a complete side nonte: What the hell happend to the advancement for the AI in games?! 😂

I must admit that as a gamer I have change aswell. Simply I lack the stamina today to invest myself in a game in the same way I did 15 years ago. I find myself thinking: "Alright I have done everything for today. I can game for an hour/hour and a half and then go to bed." Then when I sit down at my computer and start everything up I am hit by an complete energy drain and instead of enjoying a game it becomes just another thing I have to invest energy into. This has caused me to start looking into other sort of games. Stuff I just can pick up and play for 30-60 min and be done. Right now I am actually thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch and get Nintendo Sports. Part of this is just me getting older, but a larger part is simply the effort I have to put into my job. I am not complaining because I like my job, there is just my limit to how much I can focus on during a day. And for different reasons the last few years my job has been very demanding. 

There's a ton more to write in the matter. I simply lack the time right now. Hope it is somewere comprehensible since I am writing this on my phone and moved the text around abit.

Cheers! 🍻

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