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  1. Personally, I'd love to, but I'll be physically at work. I'll still keep an eye on it.
  2. Even if true, why'd they move away from the "you see an enemy or they see you and combat immediately starts" system from JA2? What about that design philosophy irked the current devs THAT badly???
  3. I do enjoy that a dev actually came on this specific thread with threats against people like yourself that post baseless claims of others having sock accounts. I'm not sure which person you think I am, and I'm not sure whether to be flattered or insulted, but please, stay on topic, or, if there is a god, the dev's MIGHT actually follow through on giving YOU the perma-ban hammer.
  4. Which players? If you think I enjoy having my small squad completely surrounded in night combat with inferior NVG's is a blast, I'd ask for your dealer's number. Jagged alliance has always been trying to find an optimal route where you totally dominate the enemy team with superior strategies because you're ALWAYS outnumbered and don't have the raw firepower the enemies do entering a sector. JA 1.13 introduced new methods in this regard as well, with the addition of the "spy" ability. Being able to potentially disable the alarm in Alma to get the rocket rifle could be a massive jump in firepower, all for being able to avoid combat completely (albeit temporarily). Things like that are interesting. Solving the puzzle is interesting. Arbitrary combat designs in a game that goes completely turn based, while simultaneously allowing the enemies to move to protect themselves....isn't actually fun.
  5. Literally nobody thinks that any company's forums are an accurately reflection of a company's values and beliefs. You ever work customer service? I'm assuming "no" because you'd probably not come to these awkward and extreme conclusions that you have. The forums are NOT for selling the game, they're for discussing it. You seriously think people that have never played a Jagged alliance title are coming on here instead of...say...steam? Like...really?
  6. This decision by the dev team is arguably not better. It's a completely made up restriction that ONLY exists in this game. This isn't for the sake of "fun"; it's because the dev team clearly made the basis of "needless complexity" or "unusual amounts of scarcity" a core tenant to the game's architecture.
  7. They used the excuse of "balance" but that's just bizarre. It's as if they're downplaying the idea that superior tactics shouldn't win out. If I have a good idea of where an enemy is, and I know a fairly optimal approach to ambush them, why should they get a massive leeway when it didn't work like that in JA2 or real life? It's why ambushes are so incredibly dangerous: you hold the element of both surprise and superior position. Position HAS to matter. The scrambling at the beginning of combat is the absolute worst, xcom-y feature they've added to the game that I truly wish they didn't. Of EVERYTHING they've added to the game that I genuinely despise, this is the one thing I'd say HAS to come out.
  8. They do, indeed, go lower and functions the same as JA2 from what I've seen. Go to the 12:34 mark in the video.
  9. This is interesting since I haven't seen any night battles with the german players. Leaves me a bit confused that the night atmosphere is closer to normal Jagged alliance visuals but day time is like you have total awareness of the enemies at all times. A glimmer of hope for the night combat then.
  10. You really think the "poor devs" can't defend themselves? lol Listen, I already pre-ordered the game because I'm hopelessly addicted to ja2 1.13, but I'm thinking of the game in the overall scope of things for them. I don't need to make the sales, they do. Your awkward, pedantic attempts at putting what I'm saying into quotation marks doesn't actually prove or do anything. Strength being significantly less relevant because of "the bag of holding" inventory, and no weight system is factually true. It's not a debatable talking point. It's why it's worth discussing the mindset behind the design decision. Will any devs even come to this forum? No idea. I more or less present the idea to the community to get feedback. Realistically, nothing is going to change about the game a week before release and anyone would be a fool to think otherwise.
  11. I've watched multiple german uploaders gameplay videos where they have constant awareness of where the enemies are in a sector with zero line of sight. It actually plays into the live stream they did today. When Brad mentioned the difficulty in balancing out stealth combat...I bet! lol When you have total awareness, you aren't really taking "risks" anymore. On top of how powerful knife combat already looks, I'm almost shocked they wanted to include melee combat. It made sense to me why the one dev saying they needed to nerf melee after he solo'd the game with 1 mercenary and just doing knife combat. I'm almost curious what the pre-nerf state even looks like.
  12. Addressing a game design flaw is "hostile"? What else is "hostile" to you? I'm not walking on egg shells because some nobody on the forums doesn't fully approve of my choice of words to describe an issue.
  13. Sorry your toxic positivity doesn't resonate with me.
  14. Literally just this 1. I'm not perusing the forums to see if this point has been made or not, as it doesn't seem to be a topic the devs talk about during the livestreams and it seems like a fundamentally glaring flaw in the game design.
  15. Willing to bet money you cried up a storm on the forums, both on steam and here, about losing your change to hit percentage. You have xcom fanboy vibes all over you.
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