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Chopping of heads / Dismemberment


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I remember a friend of mine introducing me to JA2 by saying : "this is the most brutal game ever! You can even chop off heads"

And i have to admit, that was what caught my curiosity. 

It wasn't that i was a big gore fan, not at all, but showing this level of serious, gritty, brutal reality made this game so special to me. 

Nothing harder hitting to lose a merc to a headshot with his head exploding. 

Or killing an enemy this way. 

The point is, i hope this level of seriousness comes back. 

I would even add critically wounds, where a merc/enemy just lies on the floor bleeding heavily and twitching around. Adding the stress of urgency to help him. 

Or if its an enemy to open up the question "shall i end his misery or let him suffer" 

This is a war game, a game about the most serious gritty things we humans know and do. 

I hope ja3 doesnt cut back here on what made ja2 special but knows how to skillfully embrace this darkness. 


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Guess you didnt watched any of the trailer videos, it shows where a head is exploding by a sniper rifle, also where a enemy soldier is getting to pieces from Fauda`s grenade (the destruction and explosion effect was too simply made though imo.) Hope they work seriously on this as well, different blood & gore effects, where Barry shooting with his shotgun and the blood splashing to the ground doesnt look bad but hope they bring different varieties of deaths, few of the death effects should be rare so sometimes we can say wow, damn OMG what was that? Weapon and bullets types should also have different impacts, like when you are shooting with a 9mm the heads should not explode or the possibly should be very minimal, instead when you are shooting with a heavier calibre like magnum, shotgun near distance or 50 calibre should have a pretty high % possibility to blow heads.

Shooting the legs off from enemies would be also a brutal effect, like after a shotgun shot to the legs, they should lose their legs and only crawl on the ground, then if they get saved by their back ups, they should replace them with those wooded pirate legs as we saw in the trailer, but guess am dreaming too much already, maybe not. 😉

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