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Ivan Dolvich needs rework

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I don't like the new facial and body design of Ivan Dolvich in the Jagged Alliance 3's trailer. He is supposed to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Red Heat (1988), as can be seen by Ivans Dolvich and Danko on Red Square next to Saint Nicholas' cathedral and the Kremlin. Now this Ivan of the JA3 trailer looks like a hobo gopnik: he is small framed, weird and ugly face, has a jacket that doesn't fit his design and lacks the charisma of my beloved Dolvich patriarch.

As per Dev Diary 3, compromises must be made in order for the character being recognizable so, while his ushanka is also a problem, as this is a headgear for heavy winter while Africa is mostly hot, it is part of his identity. I was going to suggest him wearing the blue beret of the VDV paratroopers and striped shirt (telnyashka), but that's already Igor's character design. So the ushanka can stay, but the jacket needs to go and Ivan must be pumped into a gymn goer like in his older installments; I want Ivan to be big like the Russian soldier in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). So he could have a shirtless telnyashka and a camouflaged vest (also shirtless) to show his biceps; something akin to Red Scorpion (also from 1988). This camouflaged vest could be in the lizard style so common in Africa. His face also needs to be cleaner, like in the portrait of JA2 and Arnold's. Those three changes would make him into both a recognizable character and a tactical-looking guy for the African battlefield: better face, better clothing and buffed. Quite simple. As Ivan said himself: "Gun, all gun, like finger on hand".

Make the Dolviches proud!






Jagged Alliance 3 - Announcement Trailer 0-37 screenshot.png

Jagged Alliance 3 - Announcement Trailer 0-47 screenshot.png

Jagged Alliance 3 - Announcement Trailer 1-18 screenshot.png

Jagged Alliance 3 _ Showcase Trailer 2022 1-37 screenshot.png

COD russo.jpg

Jagged Alliance 3 - Announcement Trailer 1-52 screenshot.png


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Seems like all the character portraits in general have a VERY similar art style where the eyes are pinched together and rather deep set. I would like to see more variation in the portraits in general as they all look too similar to one another, at least the men do. And yes, new Ivan isn't as cool looking as old Ivan I agree.

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Even though Ivan wasn't meant to be as big as Arnie, I was always under the impression that he was still impressive in his stature and build. Not only that, but I see what you mean about Ivan's face. He looks gruff and unshaven, rather than professional and business-like. Those screenshots of him in the barn, or wherever, make him look as if he has been living rough for the past week or two. As if he has been in hiding. The picture of him with the shotgun makes it look as if you didn't know he was hiding in your barn and as you walked in there, he surprised you and warned you not to tell anybody where he is.

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