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Gamestar "pre-review" - CtH mod coming day 1


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17 minutes ago, ShadowMagic said:

Let me put it this way. You have players that are:
A: capable of taking many possible influence factors into account that might determine the end result, and 
B: less capable or plain lazy and let the computer do that for them.

In both situations a player makes a decision based on 'knowledge'. However, it's about how to obtain that 'knowledge'. I personally prefer to do the thinking myself and learn from mistakes / previous situations (experience) and rinse, correct and repeat. I prefer a learning curve.

Like I said, the problem with games these days is that these 'next gen' gamers do not have the patience anymore but want it all presented to them. Hence many games are dumbed down (perks, skill assists like auto aim on consoles) and focus is set on graphics rather than gameplay (a MOST heard complain on any game forum by the more demanding gamers still out there)


I disagree with your classification. It is about preferences, not about capability. For instance, I have thousands of hours in a game which hides chance to hit, possible damage AND enemy HP, does it mean I am better/smarter player than "lazy" JA players? And why do I still prefer games with CtH???

As I tried to hint in my previous message "learning curve" is a self-depiction, people are almost unable to differentiate 20% accuracy change from 30% accuracy change, it will take really thousands of experiments and you will need to write results down and still there is a chance that you will "learn" wrong things like experiments will swap those accuracy results (283 hits in 1000 experiments despite CtH 20% and 231 hits in 1000 experiments despite CtH 30%).


"Next gen" is agism. I played original Fallout when it was released and I still prefer games with CtH.

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@ShadowMagic no worries its just for lols mate. I would like nothing more then for you to play the game on release and be happy enough with everything else to not worry as much about the portraits and dialogue (and 100 other things probably) 😉 

@sandman25dcsss I do feel you with the difficulty to estimate outcomes in some cases, for me always big Q is how much is it worth to put extra points into shot to get better %. On the end of the day its just different game.. But worry not, now we can have it both ways 🙂

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shadowmagic, you could go make your own game or you could just go on forums and whine. It's a game. Different people have different playstyles. It's for entertainment. I'd rather better gameplay than achievements (could care less about lil participation awards), but I love having options to play the way I want to play. Play what I like, how I like. That's why I'm a PC gamer and I gravitate towards games with mods. Love the options. Some want hardcore....some want it easy. Having a CTH mod allows both and doesn't detract from the game.

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