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As another member put it..

9 hours ago, BossWeapons said:

The game just doesn't let me zoom in on them enough. The camera should be able to zoom in all the way into Buns's buns if I so desire.

I would also like to zoom in to Buns buns please. 😅

You guys modeled the mercs and the guns so well!! They are absolutely beautiful, especially that we can see the mods on the guns; this feels like such a huge upgrade to any of the previous Jagged Alliance games. Finally some detail!

But the camera feels extremely RESTRICTIVE. Often the furthest zoom level feels claustrophobic and very restrictive. I feel I can never see enough to get a good view of battlefield. On the other end of the spectrum, you put in so much beautiful detail, but I can't zoom in enough to appreciate that work.

The angle on the cam doesn't provide a very good take on the "height" of the terrain either (not talking when mercs climb and extra height, talking about subtle elevation changes on terrain). On a few occasions, while having mercs in tall grass and bushes near a tree, it was near impossible to tell where the merc was and where he could actually go or not.


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Max Zoom... I just want to zoom in more... get a different angle here... I see detail on the MP5, but I feel too far away to really see it. It's just far enough that Aliasing gets in the way of the detail.. being able to zoom in a little more would help clear it up.

The M14, with the folded bipod and scope... it looks awesome. This is what my wet dreams for JA2 were!


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Again, I am talking without being able to play the game at present, but I agree a good overview of the battlefield at height would be important. Likewise, being able to zoom in to behind the shoulder or waist level would be a fun perspective when combat is taking place.

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I fully second this. The camera can be quite restrictive by not allowing the player to freely zoom in or out, nor angle the view, to get the best possible picture of the situation. Loosening up the strict camera controls would let the players view the battlefield from a much better vantage point while strategising their approach and let people, such as I and many others, marvel the detail you put into the guns, characters and the enviroment.

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