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Diamond Red timing questions (big spoilers!)


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Dangit, I mistyped this question and I can't delete it now.

What I intended to say is that I went to diamond red and Slave Master Graff was not there, and the liberating diamond red quest was gone from my notes. Just wondering if that is intentional?

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2 hours ago, sandman25dcsss said:

The event sends army to that mine, I think the army captured it and killed Graaf.

I wish there was a mod to disable the event, it is not fun to lose/fail quests (I failed at least 2).

Eh, I think its a good thing for choices to have consequences - even unpredictable ones. Besides, it gives me a reason to replay the game πŸ™‚Β 

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Agreed, fail has to be option, it makes games more reliable

I never failed this particular one because I get army takeovers after I get all mines on this side of map. I guess it all depends how aggressive are you with your conquests. But that make things more exciting.

I have failed couple quests myself. Not happy for accomplishment reasons but make me interesting to try again!

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45 minutes ago, J1v1n said:

What do you mean with "repayable"? Pay again what?Β πŸ˜„

Hate my ignorance for English πŸ˜›Β yes I meant replayable but for some reason my browser tag it as required for correction and stupid me trust it too πŸ˜„Β Β 

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