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Best part of the game? "Fox" quotes, hands down! [minor spoiler]


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Well... If you enjoy listening for mercs interaction while playing, you should bring Chyntia Guzzman along.

Chatting with caring doctors may lead to perfect parallelisms:

Sometimes you may need some translation from french to english to fully catch the environment:

Daily training can lead to unexpected achievements:

Funniest merc your money can buy 😄

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Some of the banter between mercs is really fun. Once I had Scope and Scully on team, they go back and forth like old mercs talking about kids and family etc. Fun stuff.

Any other merc combinations you guys had fun to listen ?? Perhaps should create separate topic on this ..

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I really like Red's comments about Buns, even though I've heard only two so far. It's actually nice to see that the game caters to different types of humor. Some things I find lame, other hilarious, and I'm sure there are plenty of players for whom it's the other way around. Despite all the criticism JA3's writing has drawn by certain reviewers, I greatly appreciate that there's something for everyone to enjoy.

On a side note - I find the Buns character extremely well made. One of my favorite mercs in JA2, I was initially skeptical about her smooth JA3 looks. But her voice, in-combat lines, interactions with other mercs, and brilliant interjections during NPC conversations, more than make up for it.

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