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I started compiling a spreadsheet of Mercs including their stats since no one seems to have started this yet. This is a WIP and will be updated as info becomes available.


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15 minutes ago, Mr.Uno said:

Very nice Thank you 😌


Np. I've just added cost per week in addition to stats. Would like to add everyone's abilities but that's gonna have to wait till release since I can't find that info in videos yet.

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10 hours ago, Xeth Nyrrow said:

Nice list, could you add a column (and thus a sorting option) for, "AIM Category" please? Recruit, Veteran, Elite, and Legendary are the groups they are in. Thanks!

Done. 😉

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Would love to have an edible copy of the file, for the following reasons:

Get some formulas for skills per dollar (ratio = skill / cost), so:

What's the best ratio for let's see Medic, Leadership, Explosives and for what price. Assuming 80+ skills. I am thinking about deploying a "Hire, Train-Team, Fire"-Strategy.

This for leadership, medic and explosive skills.

Make small all-star teams, 3 people only; 1 pro Medic, 1 pro marksman, 1 pro explosive guy. Squads w 3 ppl only.

Then have 2-3-4 teams running around and scouting the map.

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Looking at the spreadsheet, let's give this example.

I want to have a team with Scope and Scully. 

Current Leadership max is Scully with 70. Then Raider has Leadership 91, he can be temporarily hired, train Scully to 90, then Raider is fired, from then on Scully can train all team members to 89 correct.

And doing this for all specs.

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