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JA Upgrades, Where we are, and where we want to go.


JA Upgrades, Where we are, and where we want to go.  

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  1. 1. How does JA3 so far feel to you?

    • Things are fine; Keep it as it is (ex bright colors of surroundings)
    • Something is off; Change style to darker, more grim, visuals (example Diablo 4 style)
    • Other / show answers
  2. 2. Weapon/item crafting; weapon repair, mods, ammo,

    • Good as it is now.
    • Too simplistic, we need more complicated mechanics
    • Change back to JA3
    • Other / show answers
  3. 3. Overwatch system

    • It's fine as it iw now
    • Adopt the 'Interrupt system' from JA2
    • Adopt the system from JA BIA
    • Other / show answers

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Overwatch instead of interrupt is the biggest deal breaker for me.

I can live with abstraction, it's how turning life into gameplay works, but it's a massive step back in terms of mechanical depth to just explicitly mark an area for execution when something moves, instead of having the merc's experience and the type of action the enemy is taking determine the outcome.

Overwatch over interrupt spits in the face of "chaos" that the lack of CTH is supposedly meant to create.

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18 hours ago, MateKiddleton said:

I'd have to have a play with both the JA3 overwatch and crafting systems to make a proper judgement. From what little information is available, I'd prefer the JA2 interrupt system over JA3 overwatch, but JA2's crafting system was terrible tbh.

I always saw JA2's crafting as a gimmick. Something you could take advantage of if you really wanted to do so. It was more of an optional feature. Would you really be able to upgrade your precision made firearms with left over bits and bobs?

It seems as if, for JA3, they took that optional feature and made it front and centre.

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they should bring back JA:FB interrupt system, it cost AP to set up, so you couldn't just rely on it by default, so that was an interesting mechanic to it, but it didn't have a cone beyond what the mercenary sees, and I think this is good.

Having said that, there's very little chance that they're going to implement it, in my opinion, much more likely we'll have to wait until JA4 if this sells well, or a large DLC.

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