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Talking heads and conversation tree


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7 hours ago, Acid said:

Will JA3 have talking heads

So far, from the trailer, the merc icons and the AIM recruitment page do not show animated faces. Everything seems static.


7 hours ago, Acid said:

and a list of questions and answers that you can reply with?

Your guess is as good (or bad?) as mine. I don't want to be the "negative" person here, but I don't think we can expect that.

Look, I know this trailer is still not the complete product (well, I hope so anyways).. but currently playing JA2 and (unfortunately) comparing what I see in the trailer... I feel like the more questions we ask about things we loved or were unique from JA2, lead to some negative response and as much as I want a JA3.... these questions and the answers I think inside.. lead me to feel the same as for pretty much every previous JA attempt. 😔

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Yeah, a lot can change.

I liked the static dossier portraits in the trailer. 2D images are so much nicer than attempting to 3D model everyone. I don't recall seeing an animated 2D drawing talk in the past 15 years, thought. They either make a 3D model talk, or a static 2D.

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31 minutes ago, Acid said:

Yes I hope for the Animated portraits as in JA2, having their eyes blink and mouth move when they talk or get injured, brings the characters more to life. 

So true, hopefully they will bring it. In Jagged Alliance Rage when a merc talked (as they did gave a speech on each sector once they enter and once you would finish the mission) there came out a window were a 3D portrait appeared with moving mouth, if they can bring at least a stuff like that it will be surely very cool.

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