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April Fools'?


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April Fool's jokes using the world situation would not sound so much out of line considering the sense of humour Jagged Alliance is known for... but somehow, part of me thinks these kinds of "jokes" don't work so well in this "woke" world of crap where if you say the wrong joke, you lose your job.

Maybe the article is a joke. I would certainly hope so, because if they cancel (or put an entire game on hold) with the explanation being Ivan.. that is absolute BS and they were never even serious about the game in the first place.

Anyways, as @Hendrix mentionned:

3 hours ago, Hendrix said:

As much as I despise wtf is going on in Ukraine I blame it solely on the person(s) governing Russia.

A JA game whitout Ivan? Nope, nope, nope!

I agreee fullheartedly! Ivan is a character in a video game, he is of Russian culture and was a soldier and now a mercenary.

Having him in a game doesn't make you a supporter of the war or the choices and morality that a leader of a nation has imposed on its people.

If in ANY case, the game, character or anything is changed because of real-world political situations, I'm sorry, but that is a sign of pandering to public opinion.

... but I am not surprised ... Every big corporation has to jump on the bandwagon of banning eveything Russian, right?

Because Russians are evil bad people. What bs hipocrisy!

I love my Russian brothers and sister as much as my Ukranian brothers and sisters... as much as any other culture or person.

-PS- Apologies for a long-winded rant. I needed to let it out.

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The modern world is one big April Fools joke.


It's easy to joke about, but this is actually an important topic. The modern gaming world barely knows about Jagged Alliance, and even the fan forums like this one are barely talking about it, so it's not surprising that the one controversial article written about it seems like an April Fools joke.


But there will be way more controversial articles once the game is released, and there's a chance that JA3 might be crushed in the reviews by cancel culture types. When most gaming companies are cutting Russia off, and some are even deleting Russian content from their games, it will be pretty bold for a company to suddenly release a game with a Russian mercenary as the hero on the front cover... You've all seen the mercenary company Wagner Group in the news, right?


I have no faith in the world. I can see the negative reviews already...

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On 7/23/2022 at 12:32 PM, Biff said:

The modern world is one big April Fools joke.

I have no faith in the world. I can see the negative reviews already...

Oh man, oh man, oh man....

I feel exactly what you are saying! It is one of my "biggest" topics of controversy.

I won't go into so many details, because, as you noticed, @Hendrix created an awesome forum topic for this kind of crap.. but most of my favorites have been completely.... wait, I know, let's use an oldie to depict the modern situation:


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