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  1. The article heavily depends on the subjective feelings of the one writing it. So, full of doubt and mistrust, I did a bit of research on the author. Here's what I found after a quick search: She is old enough (something between 40 and 50 years old) to have played the early JA games, prefers action games and RPGs (and JA has both qualities), has been for over 20 years with that particular games magazine and made it to the position of lead editor. I'd say there's a good chance that she actually played JA/JA2 back in the day, knows what made both games great and that her assessment of JA3 as true successor is justified and entirely correct. Like you, I'm also hopeful. More than with any other JA game that came after JA2. We might still be wrong and get disappointed - and I'm sure some of us will - but until then we have hope. And beer. And wine. And whisky. 🙂
  2. Okay, here's a short summary: Title: this is the Jagged Alliance we know and love JA3 - in the author's opinion - seems to manage what countless sequels didn't: to be a true successor to JA2. They interviewed Producer Brad Logston and learned that even hardcore fans should feel relieved. The Laptop is back, it is your way of managing things. You can use video calls to interview mercs you want to hire. Mercs like Igor, Ivan, Steroid or Tex create a warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. Mercs will have several ways to level their skills: automatic through use or by player choice (aim and +dmg are mentioned) and some are specific to certain characters (dual wield pistols is mentioned). Leveling up makes them more expensive. Also, you can (and need to) buy weapons, armor and other things (like explosives). The preview ends right where they went into describing the campaign management. They mention that all mechanics from JA2 are there, nothing seems missing, some mechanics were updated in a good way. They are adamant that JA3 creates the true JA feeling. Target Release date: 2022 And that's it, nothing more for now. My eyes... my poor eyes. I can't believe I managed to read through it... 😵
  3. "as soon as possible" might also mean impossible for the foreseeable future. But for now we have the upcoming FAQ, so I wouldn't be too pessimistic. Too early for that. 🙂
  4. Paradox has weekly DevDiaries. Yes, I know, that would be too much to ask for. But once every two or three weeks? That should be reasonable. At the very least they should understand the DevDiaries as part of their marketing and put some effort into it. I mean, they try to sell the game to us. Talking about it isn't just doing us a favor, quite the opposite.
  5. Complexity isn't bad, but you're right that it does have to serve a purpose and be more than a tedious time sink. Some things are better left in the past. So, I agree with you. Moddability is important. Let's not forget that JA2 wouldn't have had its great success without mods.
  6. I think this is the most important aspect here. It has to qualify as 'true' Jagged Alliance for long-time fans, but also needs to be mainstream enough be enjoyable for as many non-hardcore players as possible. Developing games isn't as easy or cheap as it was some 20 years ago, so for the sake of commercial success some concessions are necessary. While I noticed that some people here don't like the new XCOM, they probably don't know that it may be the only reason we get to see JA3 in the first place, as it did nothing short of a small miracle: XCOM revived a dead genre and was a commercial success. It's only natural that any investor would want JA3 to be as similar to XCOM as possible to minimize financial risks. And that's what we can see from the few gameplay scenes we were shown: the cover system, skills, even the overwatch symbol are close to XCOM. That is also why we won't get 1.13 2.0. That being said, I'm quite hopeful that we're on the right track this time around. I don't see any hints that there's a restrictive class system with odd weapon restrictions, I can see that there's weather, there's some inventory management, you have more than one squad, you have three stances (likely standing, crouching and lying), firing modes for weapons, body part aiming, an AP based combat system... all in all more than XCOM had to offer here. Combat-wise I'd say that JA3 already is the 'true' JA experience. Although that isn't necessarily a good thing. The biggest challenge for Firaxis was the flow of combat. XCOM 1 was - not unlike JA2 - a slugfest of crawling, camping and waiting for interrupts/overwatch. That's the reason for those time limits in XCOM2. I can't deny that the flow of combat has indeed gotten better, despite hating the time limits. I think this is also the biggest challenge for JA3: to make combat faster/discourage boring overwatch-camping without imposing severe time limits or punishing players for not overwatching everything to death. That leaves us with the strategic management and its complexity. Honestly, I wouldn't mind some abstractions that remove tedious steps like shuffling around magazines or grenades. Before Firaxis removed it I was unsure if it was the right thing to do. I mean, extensive ammo management was part of all my beloved turn-based tactical games from the 90s, so I believed it was important. But now I wouldn't want it back and I hope JA3 will do something similar (like auto-restock ammo/grenades and auto-repair weapons/equipment in certain zones or allow resupply for a small fee via drone etc.). Logistics should be all about acquiring special equipment for upgrading your mercs and their items piece by piece. Getting ammo or even a car is trivial, getting rare equipment like armored military vehicles, a Ratnik body armor or tactical AR goggles isn't. And that's what I wish for: an inventory system that is more than just 2 utility slots, one weapon and that's it. Gaining experience and earning new skills/better stats is also a big part of the 'true' JA experience. I'd be okay with a few restrictions; I know that not everybody can become an expert for explosives or sniper rifles. Just not a system that locks you out of basic options. What also grew on me is the whole 'create your own merc' thing. It was great to have at least one custom merc and I hope it is still in. Side-quests are a must. They don't have to be huge or elaborate, but who doesn't remember Kingpin and his money? The strategic management shouldn't be too shallow. While I think that building and upgrading a base would be nice, I don't think it is necessary. But upgrading mines, rebuilding barracks for militia or repairing an old harbor or a radar installation to unlock more options/features should be the bare minimum. Overall I remain hopeful. The few things we were shown - including the choice of developer - are convincing. For now at least.
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