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After beta streams reactions


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Or maybe what we are all writing about (explosives, range of opponents, inventory, etc.) here has been corrected a long time ago, we just don't know about it yet, but we will find out in the near future?🤔

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Yes maybe some of the issues are already solved but lets wait and see. Guys please feel free to continue the list of known Beta issues in my new topic so that the devs get a compact overview about all the problems that need to be fixed.

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I hope they introduce proper penalties for getting wounded. In JA2, if I'm not completely talking out of my butt, when enemies got shot and wounded they generally got slower, might have dropped their gun, started bleeding, were unable to spend as many AP as before and stuff like that.

The same naturally applied to your guys as well. Right now it seems like the only penalty for getting wounds is Health reduction (not a bad thing), but I'm kind of left wondering if there's much more than that. I don't think I've seen bleeding outside of weapon specific weapon status effects either.

Getting a lot of shots in, while if it didn't cause massive wounds, would completely exhaust any enemy or your own merc if they got shot too much. We could argue, that JA1 didn't have any of that stuff either beyond bleeding and getting the wind knocked out of your mercs, but we should probably try to progress forwards and not backwards.

It would also be really awesome to have proper wounded animations. Right now everybody still sprints around like they were completely fine, even if they only had a single HP left. Enemies don't look like they're hurt, nor do your own mercs. You can't tell if a character is hurt or not visually at all. Though there are bloody marks on the body where the bullets hits.

I can live without the underlying mechanics being as complex as they once were, but the animations at least need to convey the well being of a character on the field. We've got nice graphics this time around, but it's not a reason to skimp on stuff that would make it more immersive to look at.

I want to see characters limping when they're wounded. I want to see them bleeding. I want to feel like getting shot matters when I look at the action on the screen as well. It needs to show without having to check out how many hit points a guy has or if he's "Near Death" or just "Wounded" according to the status text.

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Giving my very honest opinion so far what i have seen from Jagged Alliance 3 Beta Version :



The map design seems neat but the sectors are a lil too small imo like in XCOM2, its not end of the world but if they could made a lil bigger it would be much better. I mean once you deploy your mercs in a sector within seconds you will able to find the enemies, back in JA2 and even JA1 you had to search for some minutes to locate where the enemies are but thats not the case in JA3 anymore, since the maps are so small. But the design is nice overall with the different weather conditions and also when you do the single aiming (from closer view) you can see the environment well.


The weapon modding is also nice imo but simplified which isnt bad, but we dont find single parts anymore like scope, silencer, bipod etc... but find parts (like in The Last of Us) or turn weapons into parts and then we can choice automatically what we want to upgrade to our weapons.



The enemy sights are extremely poor, just like they are blinded, this needs a serious fix or we can really forget about exciting tactical battles. The AI must be more alerted so we have to play more carefully. Hope the enemies will also be more tactical in the final version, as from the gameplay i saw they just coming forward to you like brainless sheeps without any tactics. Wish the enemies would at least try to flank us too or wait sometimes just in cover (especially snipers).


So far the death animations are dull, once you hit them to death they fall slowly to the ground like they are going slowly to sleep (caught some Zs). Hope its cause of the Beta Version, you really need to fix and add up more animations so each kill will be different and more realistic (you said it yourself that there will be brutal kills, so far the only thing i saw was the head exploding but once a while). Not only kill animations but also when you shoot a enemy as example to his leg, he should be lame walking or in a bomb explosion damage his both legs and crawling on the ground. Have also noticed the enemies do strange stuff sometimes like when they see you, they go automatically to cover and turn they back to you (it looks totally retarded) you really need to fix those bugs.

Also the explosions arent well animated in the Beta Version, this needs to be fixed.


As i know in the Beta Version its said only the %50 of voicing was done, so hopefully you will add the agony sounds as well to the enemies and our mercs once they get hit they should make different agony voices and not just say "it hurts" just like a hornet stinged you.


Other then that the covering system can be more balanced, from the gameplay i saw our mercs gets nearly all the time hit even when they are laying down in the ground just like that in almost every turn, it should be much harder to shoot or get hit once we are laying down.


Then the resting issue confused me, will we able to rest only in certain sectors ? From what i saw also sometimes even well rested mercs can get suddenly tired (which will make us more vulnerable in battles).


Overall if you can fix those mentioned cons, it would be really a fun game without a doubt.

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