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Are these enemies blind or something ?


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I showed even my reached under this YouTube video, the butcher must be really blind that he is not seeing from 10 meters in bright day light, OMG!


But its not only this scene, i witnessed lots of scenes like that. They seriously need to fix the sight distance of the enemies, otherwise it will be a kindergarten game sorry.

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Enemy line of sight is truly flawed. Also, enemy reaction (total lack of any response) to getting shot or hit by explosions is another major flaw. How can enemies just walk around like nothing happened while a massive explosion almost caused their full HP to deplete? How come enemies don't make any sound when being hit by a critical shot?

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I noticed this too and it really bothers me. I noticed that the opponent was wounded with a "nearly dead" rating and was still moving like it was nothing. Apparently, opponents only have two states - alive and dead. In JA2 they could be unconscious, critically wounded with no way to run, etc.
So far, this looks to me like a very dumbed-down version of the JA series with the addition of nicer graphics.

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3 hours ago, LoboNocturno said:

@Haemimont_Boian I really hope you will fix this sight distance, enemies not seeing from 10 meters in bright day? 

Also more death animations and once the enemies or our mercs get hit they should do agony sounds.


@CarmineThe distance must be "AT LEAST" tripled at day times.

Yeah, looking forward to an answer from the DEVs, too.

I would make the distance depending on the equipment of the Enemy/MERC. E.g. sunglasses will make you see more during day, but less during night. But i guess, when my Mercs are not behind cover and can see the enemy, the enemy should be able to see my mercs as well.
But that would it make very hard to play a stealthy way, so i guess they will have to find some way to balance it.

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