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7 hours ago, Wigen said:

I can't even imagine "Jagged Alliance" without any kind of map editor.

As they say, hope is the last to die. So I wish you much luck in this case, because you will need it. I think that in every previous version, the Devs said or even promised that there will be modding tools for our community, including a map editor. We all know how it ended.

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On 9/22/2021 at 5:34 PM, SWi74 said:

A map editor is nice. A random map generator is even nicer. I wonder if a procedural map with fog of war is out of the question. Imagine not knowing where the SAM site would be.

JA2 had a few map elements that were randomized each "New Game"... like the location of Skyrider, Hamous, Hick Farm, etc..

I always liked that feature, but I would prefer well designed maps vs generated maps. I've never played a game with generated maps that felt well designed.

For a game like JA, I feel the most important for map design, is giving enough options for tactical decisions. Enough to feel like the next time you play, you will have a few other options how you approach a combat situation. Can I swim around to the dock? Can I climb the fence? Cut the fence? can I blow up that wall? Climb that roof? or maybe I just want to sit around and snipe from that treeline? Can I litter the road with mines and attract the redshirts with some fireworks?

'New-xcom' is the type of game that almost requires generated maps, because the maps are so generic and plain... in JA, the map NEEDS to make sense compared to what the world map looks like; the road HAS to be at the right place, this base needs to make sense, know what I mean?

BUT! I love the idea of having a different sam site....

BUT..... 2021. I would prefer MOBILE SAM VEHICLES 🤪

Hey, if you're going to randomize the location.. what better AND realistic than actual realistic SAM mobile vehicles? (naturally, it won't be moving around like an agile jeep!!!)

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On 10/2/2021 at 1:08 PM, GODSPEED said:


I like the sound of that for two reasons. First is the uncertain location and second because it may add some real shift in map control areas, enemies taking back some of the areas you've liberated. It could just be me, but I never felt a real push back. I never had to make a difficult choice, lose a town or area of influence.

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