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JA3 Console Features?

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Would love to know this as well. I am known to double-dip at times if I really enjoy a game and this one is definitely one I would do this with, but I would want to make sure that it matches up with the PC version in terms of features, and while not a deal breaker for me, I would like to know about mods as well.

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On 11/18/2023 at 10:42 AM, LoboNocturno said:

Myself just ordered Jagged Alliance 3 for PS5, its my third time (once on Steam, once the Tactical Edition and now the console PS5 edition) am buying JA3. 🔥🔥🔥


Am also highly interested, if we can still have the mod support ?

Wow, thats great! 💪❤️
Did you by chance try it to play with M+KB or look for the mod support on your PS5?

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I can confirm does NOT have keyboard/mouse support on Xbox as of 1.5 patch.  This is major bummer the game is beautiful on XB1, but playing on controller is tedious. I love this game on PC with MANY hours played.  I couldn't get through Ernie Island on controller my hands were tired. Granted I am biased having played JA, JA:DG, JA2, & JA2:UB on PC as released in 90s & 2000s.  +1 vote for Keyboard + Mouse support on consoles you obviously have support on PC, unfair multiplayer is non issue for cooperative game.

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