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Aliens: Dark Descent


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Hey! I saw it first! 😂

I mentioned the game over in the "While we wait...what's there to scratch the itch?" thread.

But I agree it looks promising!

I also said that maybe a "JA: Alien vs Predator" spinoff could be cool.

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Well there are elements in there that i like, and yes it seems to have elements that would fit with JA3. It does look very decent. But i think JA3 should be even 10 times better because of all the extra game mechanics it has.

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One thing I often find with RTS games is that I always tend to use the same method of grouping everybody, moving them along a little until enemy contact is made and then waiting for combat to finish as I try to get everyone involved. When combat is over, I'll move the group a little more until more enemies appear. Turn-based for me means I will separate my units into various positions while still being able to cover one another. I can utilise tactics and plan things out. Real-time tends to see tactical variety fall in favour of group move, inch forward and clear the current lot of foes. If there is lots of micro-management, I find it even worse. My unit losses tend to come from units at the back, idling around and not always helping out (slightly out of range and not moving forward). I tend to have lots of units jostling for position while only a handful are doing the fighting.

I was never any good at RTS multiplayer. I once tried Starcraft 1 and got easily wiped out every time by gamers who knew each map spawn point and what units to build straight away. Meanwhile, I would be still setting up my base and trying to build an army.


If you are looking for a turn-based Aliens game, I played a Flash version of the old board game several years ago. It has only three levels and is bastard hard. It is a game to be replayed due to the difficulty. If you make it through the first level, where the marines get jumped by the waking Xenomorphs, your characters carry over to the medbay assault. What makes that level truly hard is your M41's 30mm grenade launcher. If you use it, you need to aim it as far away from any of your marines. The blast radius is ridiculous and can easily kill or wound your people. You have to fend off the Aliens and then crawl through the air vents with them in pursuit.

I had to search for the game again but I can't tell if it works as I am on my iPad currently and it doesn't support embedded Shockwave Flash. Maybe you might have luck on your PCs. It doesn't need a powerful machine by any standards:


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That does look good although I have to say that the storyline of Weyland Yutani wanting the Xenomorphs for themselves and considering humans expendable to achieve that process is a little overdone by now. It isn't really a surprise anymore. It has been a staple for the majority of the films, computer games and some of the novels.

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They can sure put together a slick trailer, but I just don't see a lot of tactical depth on display. For some reason, the gameplay reminds of an old game, Abomination: The Nemesis Project. That game provided some tactical options in the form of special abilities, explosives, and turrets, but most of the time, you just moved your squad around overwhelming groups of enemies (whose AI was just "charge and attack") with massed fire. This game looks like the same thing, except with better graphics and a familiar IP.

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