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Jagged Alliance 3 - Release Time ???

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I got a question, maybe some of you know already a good clue, i bought the game also on Steam, so what time do you guys think it will be JA3 available on 14 of July ? Right away on 00:00 or later on in the 14 July morning or afternoon ?


Btw i also bought the "Tactical Edition" and i got a message from Amazon that the preorder would delay, guess those tactical editions will be also send after the release time ? Probably could arrive after the release date 1 or 2 weeks later ? Do anyone else bought the tactical edition ? I would like to know if you are inside those lucky 750 lol.


Only 1 week left and then the 24 years of wait for Jagged Alliance 3 will be finally over wow.

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5 minutes ago, Raeven said:

I saw a message about this somewhere... IIRC it was 6am PDT, which is my time zone, so convert to your own and you should know.

Ufff that will be way in the afternoon for me, was hoping they would release it right on 00:00 (24:00) so i can start playing the whole night since i will be free for JA3 release sake. 😉

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