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Welcome to the Jagged Alliance Community Site!

Brad Logston

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Welcome to the new home for the Jagged Alliance Community!

With the recent announcement of Jagged Alliance 3, we're also excited to launch our brand new community site.

Here you'll be able to interact with fans from all the Jagged Alliance games, read the latest developer posts about Jagged Alliance, and engage with each other and the developers. Many of the developers will be active on the site, reading your posts.

This is YOUR community, so we hope you enjoy making new friends and discussing games. Please feel free to post any suggestions or recommendations you may have, and we look forward to getting to know everyone. Be good to one another, enjoy some fun, enlightening conversation, and help us create the best community we can!

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It is hard for us to know where you're at in the development of JA3. While I am not asking a release date or anything of the sort (because I rather a proper game than the same mess as previously released many times over), it would be great if the community could at least have SOME input in the form of polls.

Most of us old-time veterans and crazy nutjobs that go to bed each night with our boxed copies of JA 2, we tend to get excited and want to request EVERYTHING.

I think we have to realize the extent of what is possible and not possible.


Anyways, I wish the best for the team working on this and hope whoever is in charge of this forum won't get too discouraged with all the complaining, demands, outcries and furious passion. We're simply Jagged alliance fans down to the core.

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Polls would be great, so that's a +1.

Furthermore, although this is a rather new forum, I have not seen any input from Devs in the various topics. I take it you are the community manager, Brad? It would be great to have some Devs reply on some questions us fanatics have, and maybe, as Godspeed stated, some input in the development timeline.

I think most Forumites like me are really excited for the release of this game, as it looks way better than previous attempts to refeul the Jagged Alliance franchise, so some Dev input would be most welcome!




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