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Vehicles in the game. Vehicles in combat?


Just found out about the Poll option. Let's give it a go...  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Should vehicles be included in combat?

    • No, vehicles should be for transportation between sectors only.
    • Yes, but only stationary machines like JA2 tanks, machine gun nests, etc.
    • Yes, a small number of vehicles is fine.

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It should come at a price. Turning your vehicle into a technical should reduce the carrying capacity to 3, two in the cab and one in the back with a heavy weapon.


Vehicles should also make stealth insertion impossible....no more driving to the gates of Alma with an ice cream truck in the middle of the night, then silently cutting through the fence.

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+1 to figuring out the poll thing.... now, let's watch this feature become the most abused forum feature!!! 😂


32 minutes ago, Kordanor said:

Voted for transportation only. The reason for that is mainly that it's super easy to go wrong, and then it's suddenly all about vehicles.
Static vehicles sound kind of nice, but then you think back at Tanks in JA2, which already didnt work well there.

27 minutes ago, qwaqwe said:

Please no tanks like in JA2.
Transport only.

I'm with Kordanor and qwaqwe on this one.

I think JA3 already has such a heavy dose of work to do, and even just getting to the level of basic JA2 is not something I expect, so to make things smoother, les buggy; Transport only.

I think Vehicules should play the more logistical part of things, helping you store ammunition, weapons, explosives, gear to various location you want to setup a FOB or place you can at least refresh you gear after a big battle.

If there are going to be vehicules for combat, I think they should have very limited mobility and really only be in the most important locations (like the kings palace)..

Although, I wouldn't be against the use of remote vehicules, like diffusing robots and basic drones for recon (no missile and armament drones).

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Actually, just repeating a comment from the Map Editor post....

@SWi74 mentionned random sam sites...

  ...which, naturally, is a great idea!

This got me thinking of Modern Vehicle SAM. You get a vehicle that could "slowly" move on the map. Those could easily become "missions" on their own as you could have the option of either destroying of trying to capture them. Damage them too much, and they become immobilized, creating a location you would have to defend.

Moving it around would cost a good amount of fuel, and it would move "slowly".. it isn't a Jeep.. and it's a strategic asset you have in EXTREMELY short supply.

The country could eventually replace a few (also not quickly) so it's not like you can completely control a whole country with a few mercs you know.

Mobile SAM would give you that randomized location problem to solve, creates a goal/mission for you to achieve in any way you see fit.. and it also feels realistic at the video game level.

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The mobile SAMs idea is nice, also because they are vehicles in combat, but would not actually give an advantage in combat. Being exclusively anti air they couldn't take part in an on foot firefight. They would be more of a liability, than an overpowering war machine.

There's another aspect to this worth exploring - your team needing an operational SAM to advance and gain control of areas without being shredded to bits by enemy air support.

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If the question for us to use the vehicles on combat (then i would say possibly no, why? It would spoil somehow the strategic battle) but to fight against vehicles in the game ?

Absolutely %100 standing behind it, later on the game should be on some sectors like static (or slow moving) tanks (we had it already on JA2) or armored vehicles with turret (which would suit perfectly to African environment.)

As how to counter those tanks or armored vehicles would be perfectly with RPG-7, Mortar or other armor penetrating weapons or bombs etc....


I just hope there will be lots of destructive objects in the game (it will create us lots of more realistic excitement), especially walls from heavy explosions such from bombs, rocket launchers or tank shots etc... Its simply a must !!!!


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I feel a bit like the odd one out, but I'd really like to see vehicles. My favorite part of Fallout Tactics is just cruising around the wastes in that busted up hummvee.


You could set car bombs, AT mines, etc. You could use stealth to steal the tank while the tank's crew are sleeping nearby. If stealing a tank is too overpowered, just make it so there's no way to acquire more tank fuel, so pretty soon it just becomes a stationary tank like in JA2.

You could rappel from a helicopter into a position the enemy don't expect. You could hide in the back of a truck as a way to sneak in or out of enemy bases.


Having vehicles could be a difficulty option when starting the game like sci-fi mode was.


Watch the intro for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and imagine how your mercs could deal with such an attack.


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